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Calculator App

This app was written in HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. The purpose of this app was to help me to further enhance my JavaScript skills. I learned how to grab one HTML element from an HTML collection, node list of HTML element, Node list forEach method, looping through an array element by element, split strings into array then convert arrays back to strings, adding two numbers, continuous functions, apply decimals when pressed, convert strings to numbers, display at least 10 digits on the screen, and display decimals to at least the thousandth.



Expense Tracker App

This project was built using JavaScript, HTML5, and  CSS3.

The purpose of this app was to help me to reinforce my JavaScript skills. I learned how to implement separation of concerns for functions, pass constants/variables into functions, add new table body/row/dataCell, add textContent property, add/remove parent/child element property, and add remove method.




This project highlighted the significane of minimizing global variables utility and of using local variables inside functions, instead. I learned how to access the DOM and loop through one element at a time and add Event Listener to it. I learned how to declare a fucntion to use to perform one task only, to recall the function, passing through needed variables/constants to other functions through their argument/parameters. I also learned how to use template literals and implement variables to them to have dynamic displays. Finally, I was introduced to switch statement.


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