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March 2021 - June 2021

Software Development Mastery, Inc.

The Software Development Mastermind program is a rigorous, hands-on mentor-ship program I have been attending for 16 weeks. The program stimulates a collaborative work environment by focusing on real-world under deadlines. There is constant feedback and coaching throughout the process that has helped me to refine and enhance my programming skills.


The Ohio State University

  • MATLAB: completed data structure projects (i.e., tables, columns, rows).

  • Contributed to design analysis and calculations, and to technical reports in collaborative group projects.


2020 - Present

Project Engineer

I'm a Project Engineer at CTL Engineering currently. I perform the following tasks:

  • Reads plans, standard drawings, and construction specifications to provide quality inspection reports.

  • Performs on-site inspection of construction projects for public and private developments.

  • Oversees construction activities to ensure contractors’ work in compliance with ODOT/City of Columbus code.

  • Writes detailed daily reports for construction activities using websites.

& Expertise

  • I'm a software developer. I have built Digital Clock App, To-Do-List, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Expense Tracker, and Calculator Apps using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, and Git. Currently, I am building Snake Game using the same technologies mentioned above.

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